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PSSA Prep materials that you might like to use in your classrooms are grouped by grade and topic on the home page. Links to Spelling City and Jeopardy Labs which correlate to our lessons are listed in the left hand navigation. On Spelling City, spelling and vocabulary words for every story in Storytown for Grades 3 & 4. On the Jeopardy Labs website, games for all the stories in Storytown for Grades 3 & 4.

PSSA Prep- Grades 3 & 4

PA Department of Education Math and Reading Item Samples
Multiple Meanings of Words- Worksheet 1
Multiple Meanings of Words - Worksheet 2
Jeopardy Game for Prefixes and Suffixes Gr. 3
Multiple Meanings of Words - Worksheet 4
Jeopardy Game Figurative Language Grades 3-4
Jeopardy Game Prefixes Gr. 4
Jeopardy Game Suffixes Gr. 4
You Tube Homophones Shout out to Mrs. Yeninas!
You Tube Similes and Metaphors Thanks, Mrs. Y.!
You Tube More Similes and Metaphors Thanks, Sherri!
Common Core
Storytown Resources Grade 4 EP site
Storytown Grade 4 Robust Words
Author's Purpose

Writing Materials

Primary Grades

Storytown Resources from Phenix Website
Dolch Sight Words - Mrs. Perkins
Dolch Sight Word Activities
Dolch Kit
Dolch sight Word List - Apples for Teacher
Flash Sries- Dolch Flash Word Cards
Printable Worksheets for Word Families
Think Central
Classroom Management Ideas
Kidzone Word Families Worksheets
Scholastic Oral Blending and Segmentation Activities
Reading Resources Phonemic Awareness Activities
Phonemic Awareness Games
Article Helping Struggling Readers
Storytown Resources Grade 2
Author's Purpose
Author's Purpose Worksheet